Acute hepatic porphyrias affect one in 75,000 people. Unfortunately, sometimes the disease can remain un-diagnosed due to the presentation of common symptoms including recurrent and unexplained severe abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, neurological and psychiatric symptoms, back pain, and urine discolouration on light exposure.

An acute attack could be life threatening because of severe neurological complications, like motor paralysis. Therefore it is important that the patients are diagnosed and treated rapidly to avoid these issues.

This webcast is designed to help you diagnose porphyrias effectively, to learn from our assembled porphyria specialists as well as giving you the opportunity to ask questions and share your own experience of this disease.

Pr. Richard Hift, Durban, RSA

Natural History of
Acute Porphyrias

Pr. Richard Hift, Durban, RSA

Diagnosis of Acute Porphyria
Dr. Mike Badminton, Cardiff, UK

Management of Acute Porphyria
Dr. Penelope Stein, London, UK

Interesting/difficult cases